We Ship Worldwide

Prices are in Canadian dollars.  If you are outside of Canada, your charges will be converted from Canadian dollars to your currency either at PayPal (immediately) or at your credit card processing centre (when the charge reaches it). To get an estimate of what your order will cost in your currency, refer to an online currency converter.


Introductory Offer! Pay a flat shipping rate of $3 when you order your very first Terra Cotta Pendant.

All other Orders pay a flat shipping rate of $7 per order.

Bulk Bonuses:

  • Order 20 or more pieces and you get wholesale price; plus 3 Free Sunshine Pendants !
  • Order 25 or more pieces and you get wholesale price ;  plus 4 Free Sunshine Pendants!
  • Order 30 or more pieces and you get wholesale price; plus 5 Free Sunshine Pendants! And get Free shipping!

All the prices are calculated in the Cart. The  Bonus Sunshine pendants(valued at $8.each retail) won’t show in the Cart but they will automatically be added to your package when you order 20 or more pieces.


Refer to the chart below or add items to the Cart to check your shipping rate.

  • Orders for 51+ pieces (to a North American destination) include a tracking number with delivery estimate  – 5 – 9 days
  • Orders for fewer than 51 pieces have no tracking number and delivery times vary. If you are ordering fewer than 51 pieces and are in a hurry or require a tracking number, contact us for rates and delivery times

Other Countries:

# of pieces South America Central America/ Oceana Europe Middle East / Africa Asia
1–10 $8.50 $10.00 $10.00 $12.00 $11.00
11-30 $13.00 $22.50 $19.75 $23.50 $22.00
31-50 $21.50 $42.00 $39.00 $45.00 $41.00
51-99 $27.00 $55.00 $48.50 $57.25 $51.25
100-150 $89.00 $95.00 $85.50 $124.00 $93.00
151-200 $89.00 $95.00 $85.50 $124.00 $103.00
201-250 $108.00 $118.00 $110.00 $155.00 $119.00

Faster Rates

Contact us for faster delivery times and rates.


If you are outside of North America and you order 100 pieces or more we deduct $25.00 from your shipping. The $25.00 has been deducted from the prices you see on the chart.