It’s our 15th Anniversary!

The first Terra Cotta Pendant kiln run in 2003

The first Terra Cotta Pendant kiln run in 2003


I can’t tell you how excited we are that you are here.

Yes, you!

Because if you weren’t still here, after 15 years,

then chances are, neither would we.

It’s 15 years since we had that crazy, unlikely idea

to start a business with our two teenage children.


In honour of the 15th Anniversary,

We’re sharing the story of the 15-year journey

on our new Homepage.

See it here.

We also have a couple of Goodies to introduce

to thank you

for your support all these years!


  • We are launching a Loyalty Program at Terra Cotta Pendants. It’s simple, it’s free and the only thing you really have to do to join is to create a Customer Account when you place your next order (rather than ordering as a Guest). No emails will come to you because you join. See the details here.


  • We are also happy to introduce a new line of Terra Cotta Jewelry Beads! Are you a DIYer? Have you ever thought of making your own diffuser jewelry? Well, if the idea of creating a diffuser jewelry intrigues you, check it out! We’ve assumed the hardest part of making diffuser jewelry, that of creating professional terracotta pieces and firing them properly in a kiln and we’ve covered that for you. And that’s a good thing because terracotta is the most effective diffusing medium! Read about it here! All you have to do is pick up the other beads, cord etc. at your local craft store and create to your heart’s content. Check out the new Terra Cotta Jewelry Beads and remember, when you order 20 beads or more, you get them for half price! 


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