About Us

Terra Cotta Pendants is a family business born in the summer of 2003. How did a Calligrapher, an Artist/Jack-of-all-Trades and their two teenage children come to be making wearable, clay essential oil diffuser necklaces? Here’s their story!

It started in 2003 with a question: how could they put the children through university and at the same time provide them with work so they could earn the money themselves? The answer was right under Lori’s nose 🙂 for quite some time before she saw it. It came from an experience she had while teaching about how to use essential oils at her essential oil workshops.

At the workshops, she taught about the many ways to use essential oils. When she outlined the benefits of diffusing and inhaling the oils, she showed the piece of clay she had tied around her neck with a piece of leather cord. She explained how, with this wearable diffuser, they could have their favorite essential oils diffusing into their breathing space wherever they went, throughout the day. They were entranced! As a body they leaned forward, asking where they could get one.

This happened again and again at the workshops. She realized pendant diffusers were the perfect accessory to essential oils as they gave people an inexpensive and effective way to begin using essential oils right away! It was early in June 2003 when they decided they would make terra cotta clay diffuser necklaces. Terra Cotta Pendants was born. (See more about our story here.)

The Family who makes Terra Cotta Pendants

The original Terra Cotta Pendant family. Natasha, Auguste, Lori, and Alex. Alex made the first website when he was fourteen years old. Natasha designed four of the popular Terra Cotta Pendant designs: Blessed, Moon Goddess, WWJD, and Angel. Photo taken in 2009.

Auguste - pendant maker

Auguste is the artist/clay man/creator of the pendants. He is meticulous in his handling of the clay and has developed trade-secret methods of creating the pendants, minimizing waste, maximizing quality and improving output. Every clay piece is lovingly crafted by his hands.

Lori, communications and customer care

Lori’s the communicator. Thanks to technology and her trusty iPod, she can answer your questions via email quite quickly unless it’s the middle of the night (they are in Atlantic Time). Lori is also a published author. See her books on Amazon.com