Aromatherapy; Just Breathe!

Have you heard of Quinoa?

What does quinoa have to do with Aromatherapy? Both are very healthy for you – and both are deceptively easy to enjoy!

Commonly known as an ancient grain, quinoa is a complete protein, wheat and gluten free, high in fibre and loaded with vitamins. It’s a perfect food to add to your diet, right? I thought so. So I purchased some then I went online to look for recipes. This is where I ran into problems. All the recipes I found said you needed to pre-soak Quinoa after rinsing it in a very specific way. Not too complicated, really, but when I went to make supper, if I hadn’t done the rinsing and the pre-soaking earlier in the day, I just didn’t have it ready in time to use for my meal. In other words, even though I believed Quinoa to be good for my family and me, it was just too complicated to use. So I abandoned it.

What Does This Have To Do With Aromatherapy?

You and I know how to enjoy aromatherapy via essential oils. In fact, we know about a hundred ways to use essential oils. That’s the problem. It is challenging to condense all that information about essential oils into something that is simple for a new customer to understand. So if you have offered workshops on how to use the oils, given out reams of information on how the oils are beneficial, and peppered prospects with video and PDF links to inform them of the amazing properties of essential oils, and you still hear that same question; But how do you use the oils….you will appreciate the end of the Quinoa story.

The End of the Quinoa Story

What caused me to re-visit the idea of adding Quinoa to my family’s diet was something a young nutritional consultant said when I explained why I had given up on Quinoa. “Keep it simple,” she said, “Just cook it like rice!”

How do You Keep Essential Oil Use Simple?

Sell them a Terra Cotta Pendant wearable diffuser! Give them a discount on a Terra Cotta Pendant! Give them a Terra Cotta Pendant! But make sure they have a Terra Cotta Pendant to diffuse their essential oils. How to use: Apply one drop of oil and wear! Aromatherapy is made simple with a Terra Cotta Pendant!

Why a Terra Cotta Pendant?

If your customer owns a Terra Cotta Pendant, he or she will diffuse essential oils on Day One. They will diffuse on Day Two. And on Day Three. And…well you get the idea. If you are using the Rating Form you can show them how the oils are changing a lot of things in their life. Then you can take it to the next level and teach a second method of use.

The First Few Days are the Important Ones

If all goes well there, you’re on your way. If something goes wrong in this time, all your work in marketing and educating may go down the drain for you’ll lose this customer and all his or her contacts. It’s imperative to treat those first few days with the utmost care.

Here come The Buts…..

But why not just tell people to put the essential oil on their skin?

When you put essential oil on the skin, it gets absorbed very quickly, eliminating the inhalation benefits. A drop of essential oil on a Terra Cotta Pendant has nowhere to go but back into the air, into their personal breathing space, allowing them to experience the benefits for hours. Additionally, you want to avoid the possibility of a customer having an adverse reaction to an essential oil due to toxins in their system or the mistaken application of a very “warm” essential oil to the skin.

But not everyone wears jewelry!

Most people travel in cars, however. A Car Diffuser can also be laid on a desk next to a computer or hung anywhere in the home or office!

But will my customer want to add something else to their order?

Suggestion: say to your new customer, “Your first Terra Cotta Pendant is at half price since your order is so large!” (Half price would be your price!) This [saying “your first”] suggests that they will want to purchase more than one pendant, and they will if they have children, spouse or friends with whom they want to share these oils! This low price will add a relatively small amount to their order, and it will show generosity on your part.

But how can I afford to buy Terra Cotta Pendants to sell with my oils!

You can purchase them at the Wholesale price! When you order 30 or more, you pay only half the retail price!

In the Official Users Manual for Essential Oils…

Diffusing essential oils with a Terra Cotta Pendant is the next best thing to opening a bottle and inhaling the oil. Who’s going to walk around all day with a bottle of essential oil under their nose? That’s right – no one! That’s why we created Terra Cotta Pendants! They help you build your business because they help your customers derive the many different benefits through inhalation all day long!

Terra Cotta Pendants make Aromatherapy as simple as breathing!

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