Diffusing Essential Oils; Three Things You Need to Know

diffusing essential oils made easy

Diffusing Essential Oils Made Easy

If you are marketing essential oils you’re going to hear some questions about diffusing essential oils. Here are some questions your prospective customers may ask you and some really good answers!

1) Why use a necklace diffuser to diffuse essential oils as opposed to other ways of putting essential oils into the air?
2) Why diffuse essential oils all day long?
3) Why is a Terra Cotta Pendant the best necklace diffuser to use?

The Really Good Answers:

#1 Why should you be diffusing essential oils with a necklace diffuser; why not just put the essential oil on your skin or use an electric room diffuser?

There are many different ways you can diffuse essential oils. You can put the oils directly on your skin, you can put them on your sleeve or collar, you can use a room diffuser or you can put them on personal diffuser jewellery made with terra cotta clay. What’s the difference?

When you put the oils on your skin your body quickly absorbs the oil, making it difficult for you to smell the aroma after a short time. When you put oil on your sleeve, or collar the oil will dissipate very quickly because there is nothing to contain the oil.

A room diffuser is a great option if you are staying in or near to that room. But when you’re on the go, you need a diffuser that will “follow” you around! An effective, wearable, hands-free diffuser then becomes your best option.

Terra Cotta Pendant is the perfect answer. Why? When terra cotta clay is kiln-baked, the moisture evaporates from the wet clay leaving a multitude of tiny air pockets. These tiny air pockets trap the oil and allow it to diffuse very slowly from the kiln-baked clay! Receive a Welcome Gift with your first order! 🙂

#2 Why diffuse essential oils all day long; why not just use them when you need them?

More and more today we are learning about the connection between the mind and body. We know that getting to a place of feeling good is a great proactive approach to staying healthy. Since aroma is processed in the part of the brain responsible for memory, emotion and trauma, inhaling pure essential oils profoundly affects the way we feel!

Diffusing essential oils with a wearable diffuser that effectively and continuously disperses the oil into the air you breathe is a powerful way to support your desire to feel good all day long.

Here’s a fun way to prove this! Use the Rating Form to measure the difference between how you feel when you are diffusing essential oils and how you feel when you are not.

#3 A Terra Cotta Pendant the best necklace diffuser to use. 

  1. It is light-weight.
  2. It is durable.
  3. It goes where you go – you don’t have to think about it!
  4. It is great for guys and girls; young and young-at-heart!
  5. It is tuck-in-able!
  6. It is not fragile!
  7. It is simple to use!
  8. It has a large enough surface area to easily hold and disperse a drop or two.
  9. It releases the essential oil slowly so a drop or two lasts a long time!
  10. It gives you a choice of over 85 different designs allowing you to express a unique part of your personality!
  11. It is hands-free.
  12. It is earthy; matching your skin so it goes with everything you wear!
  13. It is an all-natural product; just terra cotta and waxed cotton cords.
  14. It is a perfect travel diffuser – especially when you are traveling by plane!
  15. It is economical – you can have a different one for every day of the week!
  16. You can apply a different oil every few days and after a while you will create an ever-changing signature aroma made up of your favourite essential oils!
  17. If you sell essential oils, you can buy them at the wholesale price and sell them with your oils!
  18. It is made with love right here in North America – Stoney Creek, New Brunswick, Canada to be exact!
  19. It keeps your essential oils right under your nose all day long!
  20. It allows you to share the aroma with the people you meet throughout your day so you can help others feel good too!
  21. Did I mention the Free Terra Cotta Pendant you receive with your first order? Details on this page!

And if you market essential oils Terra Cotta Pendants can help you build your business

  • They get people started with the oils right away by giving them an inexpensive and simple way to diffuse the oils!
  • They can help you recover the cost of Workshops and Health Shows when you sell them to participants!
  • Terra Cotta Pendants help you educate your customers on the benefits of diffusing! Purchase Terra Cotta Pendants at Wholesale when you purchase just 25 or more!
  • They make practical Welcome Gifts to new customers!
  • They are powerful incentives for encouraging prospects to sign up!
  • Use them as Achievement Gifts to acknowledge the successes of those in your downline!
  • They can be combined with samples of oil for Door Prizes and Hostess Gifts!
  • Terra Cotta Pendants are conversation starters! They make the oils visible!
  • Diffuse essential oils on a Terra Cotta Pendant when you do meetings, workshops and Health Shows to support, uplift and energize you!
  • Use Terra Cotta Pendants with the Rating Form to demonstrate the value of essential oils to your prospects!

Feel good all day long
diffusing essential oils with a Terra Cotta Pendant!
How simple is that!


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