DIY Diffuser Necklaces – Should You Make Your Own?

Many people are writing about DIY diffuser necklaces these days. I am a BIG DIYer so I understand the DIY craze, but investing time and money on DIY diffuser necklaces may result in frustration and disappointment. Here are some things you need to know about that before you start.

Air-dried clay is not the same as kiln fired clay. It may be fun to work with and you can get creative and make some cool stuff but at best you’ll have a nice necklace: You won’t have an essential oil diffuser necklace. Some blogs recommend using an oven-baked Polymer Clay but due diligence reveals this will not work as an essential oil diffuser because the oils will break down the clay. The other problem with the air-dried or oven-baked clay; it’s fragile.

But don’t take my word for it. Do a Search and read the comments on the blogs which tout these projects. You’ll see a lot of disappointment and frustration there.

What Makes a Good Diffuser Necklace?

We use terra cotta clay because it’s the best medium for diffusing. We still use the pure, chemical-free terra cotta clay we started with in 2003. Terra Cotta Pendants are fired in a kiln which makes them not only perfect medium diffusing essential oils, but sturdy and durable as well.

Why Do We Make Terra Cotta Pendants?

If you are an Independent Distributor of essential oils, a marketer or a retailer, or an aromatherapy enthusiast, you should know we make Terra Cotta Pendants for you. They can help you build your business by giving you a simple and inexpensive way to show your customers how to use essential oils quickly, effectively and safely. You’ll find a lot of articles on this site about that.

Terra Cotta Pendants are not DIY diffuser necklaces but they are made by hand in a professional, trade-secret process we’ve been perfecting since 2003. It takes many careful steps to produce a finished pendant from a block of clay.

The best part is that you can purchase Terra Cotta Pendants at wholesale prices (that’s 50% off) when you buy only 25 and that can be a combination of different designs. Receive a Welcome Gift with your first order too. See details here!

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