Do I Need a Different Diffuser Necklace for each Essential Oil?

This is a great question because there are two answers: yes and no! First the No.

You don’t need any more than one diffuser necklace unless you plan to wear more than one at a time! Once you’ve applied a drop of oil to the terra cotta clay, it will take about a day to diffuse from the clay.

On the second day, simply apply a different essential oil by smearing it over the surface. The oil that was there the day before will be mostly (but not completely) diminished by then allowing the oil you apply today to be the predominant aroma wafting from the clay.

In time, your clay piece will hold your signature scent; a subtle combination of all your favourite oils!

Now for the Yes. Yes, you need more than one pendant because it would be fun to have a few on the go! It would allow you to be wearing one while the one you wore yesterday is diffusing what’s left on it into your home or office! It allows you to dedicate one pendant to one essential oil and stick with it. Plus you have many different design options. In short, it’s just plain fun!


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