Essential Oil Marketing: Planning For Success

When we plan a vacation we pore over travel brochures and check out every detail of the package to make sure it will be exactly what we want when we get there. The secret to having a successful trip lies in the planning. We need to give as much attention to the planning of our essential oil business.

Essential oil distributors tend to be caring people who have a calling to help others. Perhaps this is why we focus more on how we can help people than on how we can earn a good income and what will do with the money. This is noble. We know how much essential oils help people. But why stop there? There are no limits to what we can achieve in network marketing. Unless we clearly identify all the things we want from our business, the wonderful feeling that comes from helping people may be the only thing we get.

Success is defined as “the accomplishment of what is desired or aimed at”. The question is: what do you want? Where will success take you? What will your life look like when you get there? Don’t take one more step until you’ve formulated clear answers to these questions. This step will be among the most important ones you’ll take on your journey to success.

Do you have your answers? Great! Now the fun begins! Create a Personal Travel Brochure for your Dream Destination. It can take the form of a composite photo for your computer desktop, a Dream Scrapbook, or a mosaic poster for your office. Cut and paste pictures of everything you want. Find them in catalogues, magazines, flyers or online by doing a Google Image Search. And with glue or Photoshop insert a peaceful, smiling you into each picture.

Put yourself in that photo of the Great Pyramids, behind the wheel of your sporty dream car, and at the helm of that beautiful yacht. Is that you standing at the front door of that gorgeous home? Don’t you look stunning as you receive your achievement award!

When you are finished, take your Personal Travel Brochure in hand and claim this Dream Destination as yours. Give it a special place in your home or office where you can see it every day. Then roll up your sleeves, get to work and enjoy the journey that will take you there.

In case you haven’t had the chance yet, watch the movie The Secret to learn more powerful techniques for visualizing your success.

What is the most powerful tool in your toolkit? No, I’m not referring to Terra Cotta Pendants – although Terra Cotta Pendants are wonderful building tools ;- ) This is a very useful tool that will always help you figure out what to do to build your business. It’s also the topic of the next Article.

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