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We’ve got this “thing” about automatically adding people to our Contacts List. We don’t do it. We believe you should want to be on the list and that you should know, up front,  just what being on the list will give you (including how many emails you will receive!)

Here are 6 things you get when you sign up! 

#1   Exclusive Specials: You will be pampered with promotions and bonus offers – some exclusive to members on the List -2-3 times a month!

#2   You’ll get immediate access to the popular Report: “Ten Essential Oils You’ll Want to Diffuse – and Why”

#3   You’ll hear about New products: And we always have a Bonus Special when we introduce something new!

#4   You won’t have your Inbox flooded with email: We won’t send more than four emails per month, and usually only two!

#5   You’ll hear about published medical studies: We monitor published research on essential oils and we’ll keep you up to date too!

#6   You can easily unsubscribe any time: At the bottom of every email is the unsubscribe link.

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