Frequently Asked Questions 

…about Terra Cotta Pendants

The different sizes of Terra Cotta Pendants

Q: Do they come with cords? What is the length of the cord?
A: Terra Cotta Pendants come with waxed cotton, sliding-knot cords which can be adjusted in length to approximately 38 cm (15 inches) to 76 cm (30 inches) long.

Terra Cotta Pendant cords

Click on photo for a close-up view.

Q: How do I adjust the length of the cord?
A: Hold one knot in your non-dominant hand – between your thumb and forefinger. Hold the other knot in your dominant hand. Now move the dominant hand from the knot to the doubled part – the part in between the knots that has two strands of cord – grasp one strand and tug slightly. If it moves, you’ve got it. If not, grasp the other cord and tug on that one. If neither of these actions work, switch knots from one hand to the other and try it again holding the other knot. See a video about this here.

Q: How are Terra Cotta Pendants and Car Diffusers packaged?
A: Terra Cotta Pendants come in a small zip-lock bag with a tiny hole so you can hang it if you want to display them.
Terra Cotta Pendant packaging

Q: What are the sizes of the Pendants, Car Diffusers and Bracelets?
A: Round Pendants – 2.8cm (1 1/8in) across with the exception of the 5 calligraphy designs in the “Words” category which are 2.9 cm across (1 1/8 in); Oval Pendants – 3.25cm by 3.75cm (1 1/4in by 1 1/2in); Rectangular Pendants – 2.7cm by 4.2cm (1 1/8in by 1 7/8in). The Arrow Wrap Bracelet – clay piece measures 1 1/2 inches by 3/4 inch / 3 8/7 cm by 2 cm. The cord is 64 inches / 158 cm long.

this photo shows the sizes of Terra Cotta Pendantssize of Arrow Wrap Bracelet next to a quarter.

Q: How thick are Terra Cotta Pendants and Car Diffusers?
A: About half a cm (3/8 of an inch).

Q: What are the weights of the Pendants and the Car Diffusers?
A: The Heart designs weigh 7 grams; the Oval ones (like the Dolphin) weigh 10 grams; the rectangular ones like “Kokopelli” weigh 12 grams; the small round ones, like the Elements weigh 7 grams; the Car diffuser designs as pendants (see them in the Word Category) weigh 8 grams; the Car Diffusers weigh 9 grams.

a happy Terra Cotta Pendant wearerStudents wearing Terra Cotta Pendantsa happy Terra Cotta Pendant wearer

Q: What is the difference between the Pendants and the Car Diffusers?
A: Pendants come with long, fully-adjustable cords to be worn as necklaces. Car Diffusers come with shorter cords with magnetic clasps so you can hang them in your car.

Terra Cotta Pendant Car Diffuser magnetic cord

Click on photo for a close-up view.

Q: Do the pendants come with magnetic clasps too?
A: No, but there is nothing to stop you from making a switch if you want – taking the magnetic clasp from your Car Diffuser and putting it on your pendant cord. There are too many problems with offering them in both forms, not to even get into the potential problem of them dropping and breaking when the clasp comes apart because of activity.

Q: What is the difference between Terra Cotta Pendants and DIY necklace diffusers?
A: That question is answered here.


Q: Are Terra Cotta Pendants breakable?
A: They are not fragile but if you took a hammer to one, it would break! Terra Cotta Pendants are made with kiln fired terra cotta clay. They are like rocks yet light as air (because of the numerous tiny air pockets in them). So they are breakable but you’ll have to try pretty hard to break them 🙂

Q: Can you wear a Terra Cotta Pendant in the shower or swimming?
A: You can but that would saturate the clay with water and you’d have to let it dry completely before it would take essential oil effectively.


…about diffusing with Terra Cotta Pendants

Q: How much oil do I use?
A: One drop. See more on this here.

adding a drop of essential oil to a Terra Cotta Pendant

Q: Do I need to apply oil every day?
A: No. One drop will diffuse for several days. When you can no longer smell the oil as well as you’d like, you can reapply oil at that time by simply smearing the surface of the clay.

Q: Where do I put the oil?
A: Lay the pendant flat and put one drop onto the front of the clay, where the design is. Allow the oil to fully absorb into the clay before wearing. This page explains more.

Q: Will the oils stain my clothing?
A: No, as long as it is completely absorbed in the clay before you put the pendant on.

Q: How can I change the oil that I’m using?
A: Wait until most of the oil has diffused off the pendant, then apply the second one. Some oils will blend nicely so that you can apply a second oil when there is still some of the first oil remaining on the pendant.

Q: How do I clean my Terra Cotta Pendant if it becomes saturated or soiled?
A: You can clean it following the instructions here.

Q: Don’t I need to use heat to diffuse the essential oil?
A: Essential oils are naturally volatile (“evaporating quickly and easily at ordinary temperatures”) so you don’t need heat to diffuse them.


…about shipping and pricing

Q: I would like to purchase at a wholesale price. What do I do?
A: Simply add 20 or more pendants/car diffusers to the Cart. When you add the 20th unit, the wholesale (50% off) discount will apply to the total. For more details go here.

Q: I just want to purchase a lot of them as gifts. May I have the wholesale discount?
Yes, refer to this page.

Q: Why are there so many different prices?
A: There is a good (and detailed) explanation for that. See it here.

Q: The prices are in Canadian dollars. How do I know what it will cost me in another currency?
A: The total amount of your order will be converted when your credit card company processes the transaction. Try a currency converter on this page. Note: this may not be exactly the exchange rate your credit card company will give you.

Q: What are the shipping costs?
A: You can see the shipping costs in two ways: place items in the shopping cart and fill in your address or go to this page.

Q: What payment methods do you accept?
A: We provide two payment methods: 1) select “Credit Card” at the bottom of the checkout page and there you can use Visa or MasterCard. OR  2) select “PayPal” from the drop down box at the bottom of the checkout page and check out with PayPal. There you can use Visa or MasterCard. Or you can select PayPal and there you can use your PayPal account, or check out as a Guest and use Visa, MasterCard, Discover or American Express. Note: our Cart won’t take Debit cards.

Q: Do you ship to a PO Box?
A: Yes.

Q: Do I pay any taxes?
A: Not unless you are in Canada.

Q: Do I have to create a Customer Account to order?
A: No, but if you think you might like to order again in the future, create a free Customer Account in the Checkout. Don’t worry, the site does not store your credit card — just your name and mailing address.

Q: Do I have to become an Affiliate to place a wholesale order?
A: No, the Affiliate program is for people who have websites where they want to promote Terra Cotta Pendants and receive commissions on the orders that come through their link. To see more about the Affiliate program go here and here. Anyone can place a wholesale order as long as they are ordering twenty pieces or more. See details about that here.

Q: I am an Affiliate. Do I log in with my Affiliate credentials when I order?
A: No, sorry – they are two completely different things. You only use your Affiliate credentials when you log into your affiliate account to check stats. When you place an order use your Customer Account to checkout. The links for both the customer account and the affiliate account are at the bottom of each page of the site.

Q: I use my own carrier for shipping. Can I arrange for pick-up at your location?
A: No. Our policy is to ship all product ourselves. If you require a faster shipping rate, ask us about it.

Q: Who are you?
A: We thought you’d never ask! 😉 Come and meet the Terra Cotta Pendant family.


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Photo credit: Colin K