Getting Out Into the Community

One of the best places to find qualified prospects for your “How to Use the Oils” workshops is at another workshop; one you offer in your community; the Introductory Workshop.

The Introductory Workshop is a powerful step in your system. 

Following are five places in your community where you can find people to host Introductory Workshops. After that is a simple format you can use to prepare the presentation. Design 8.5 by 11 flyers which outline the way essential oils address the specific interests and concerns of each potential host and bring these with you to…

1) Businesses and Government Offices

Ask if there is a Health and Wellness contact on staff. Many large companies today are focusing on the mental and physical health of their employees and have appointed a staff member to this position.

2) Social Clubs and Churches

Social groups are always looking for speakers to present at monthly meetings. Visit your local churches, service clubs, and societies. Let them know you are available and willing.

3) Libraries

Libraries offer programs to the public and are always looking for fundraising ideas.

4) Nursing Homes and Hospitals

Like large businesses, nursing homes and other caregiving institutions are always interested in learning how to support their staff. Often there are weekly In-Services given in these Homes for the workers. Offer to do an Introductory Workshop on essential oils there!

5) Schools

Teach the teachers! They have continuing education days throughout the year. Get your name out and let them know what you offer.

The “Five W” Format

This format can be as brief as thirty minutes, for a “Lunch and Learn” presentation, or as long as two hours, for an afternoon presentation. The more time you have for your presentation, the more details, visual aids and essential oils you can include. Use the method you learned here to clarify your objective, and organize your presentation. The Five W’s will make up the part of the presentation between the Introduction and Conclusion, although the time slots will vary in length depending on the time you have.

Note: Remember that the “Introductory” workshop should not duplicate the content of the “How to Use The Oils” workshop. You may find yourself giving a brief introduction to essential oils at your “How to Use” workshop, but at the Introductory Workshop don’t go into detail about how the oils are used or they won’t have a need to come to another workshop.

Ready for the Who, What, Where, When, Why and How? Let’s go!

What are essential oils? Introduce essential oils and talk about some of their healing, uplifting and energizing properties.

Where do they come from? There are three parts to the “where”. Where in the plant do we get the oils; where in the world are they grown; and where do we get them. Be sure to explain what’s special about your company; you want their “where to get them” to be from you!

Why do we need them? Outline some of the natural healing properties of essential oils and tell how they address today’s toxic environment.

Who needs essential oils? Here it’s effective to go through a list of common health issues. For instance, “Who suffers from stress, headaches, low energy, PMS, insomnia, mood swings, etc?” After each question, mention essential oils that address these concerns.

When do we use them? Talk about using them proactively (to stay healthy) or reactively (when you have a problem).

How do we use them? This is where you invite them to come to a “How to Use the Oils” workshop to learn more.


In your conclusion, pass around a few bottles of essential oils so participants can experience their aromas. Ask people how they are feeling relative to how they felt when they arrived. Let people know they can order the oils through you and book the “How to Use” workshop to come and learn more.

Have a draw for a door prize. On your ballot have a place for an Email address and ask permission to put people on your Contact List. It’s best to pass out the ballots at the end of your talk, when, after hearing a little about essential oils and building a rapport with you, people will be more likely to give you that permission.

Make sure everyone has your business card, more information, and an Invitation to your next How to Use the Oils workshop.

The next article presents a simple yet powerful tool you can use in workshops, wellness consultations or at any encounter with a prospect!

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