How They Work

How to Diffuse Essential Oils with a Terra Cotta Pendant

A Terra Cotta Pendant is a very porous substance.When a highly volatile liquid such as essential oil is dropped onto it’s surface it is quickly absorbed into the entire substance; much like water does when poured over a sponge.

From there, over time, it slowly and naturally diffuses into the air around it.

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Lay the pendant flat and apply a couple drops of essential oil to the surface. Allow one or two minutes for the oil to completely absorb into the terracotta.
When the pendant is dry to the touch, it is ready to wear.




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Slip the pendant over your head and adjust the sliding knots to obtain the length you desire!
The pendant will now diffuse into your personal breathing space until the oil has fully evaporated from the terracotta .The duration of the diffusion will depend on the volatility of the oil ,the ambient temperature and the amount of oil applied to the pendant.





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Close-up of a Terra Cotta Pendant diffusing essential oils into the air!

Once the terra cotta piece has become saturated with essential oil, it is not necessary to keep adding oil to it’s surface each day.

After a few days, you can refresh the surface with just a smear of oil . See details about that here!  And for more details about diffusing with a Terra Cotta Pendant click here. Or if you prefer, watch 8 short videos here!