How to Adjust the Length of the Cord

Terra Cotta Pendants come with waxed cotton cords that are fully adjustable. You can wear your pendant long, tuck it in, or shorten it to any length you like!

Here’s how to adjust the cord.

1/ Hold the cord by grasping each knot between a thumb and forefinger. You should be looking at the double-strand of cord between your fingers.

2/ Separate the twin cords with one hand and while firmly holding the knot with one hand, gently tug on one of the twin cords with the other hand. If it slides, you’ve got the right one; if it doesn’t slide, try the other one.

3/ Slide the other knot as needed to achieve your desired length.

4/ Tug the knots until the twin cords are flat against one another.

Simple? Sure it is! Since the cotton is wax coated, you may find it stiff to move at first. Over time, the wax will soften. With a little perseverance and wiggling, you can adjust it to achieve your length.



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