How to Clean Your TCP

From time to time, if you add essential oils to your TCP on a daily basis, you might find it becomes saturated and won’t take new oil into the pores as well as it did when it was brand new. This happens because either the carrier oils in the blends you have used have clogged the tiny pores which should hold the oils, and/or you’ve been adding essential oils at a rate faster than the essential oils natural ability to diffuse out of these pores.

First, you don’t need to add essential oil every day. Check out the answers to your questions about that here in the FAQ’s.

But if you missed that and use one pendant every day and have been adding oil to it since you opened the ziplock bag and took out the pendant, you may find it is either saturated¬†or perhaps even soiled from daily use. Here’s what you can do about that.

1) Scrub it with a dish soap – a “green” one will do nicely, brushing vigorously with a toothbrush
2) Scrub with a little vinegar
3) Rinse well under running water for several minutes
4) Soak it in a small bowl of clean, clear water overnight
5) Leave it to dry for a few days, three or four, laying it in the sun if you can

When you begin to use it again, begin with Lemon oil to cleanse it completely. Wait until the Lemon has flashed off before adding another oil.

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