How to Fill Up Your Workshops: 12 Ideas You Can Use Right Now

Once you have prepared the format for your “How to Use the Oils” Workshop, how do you find the people who will sit in all those chairs? Below are some ideas that have worked for me. Add your own, move into action and your Workshops can always be “standing room only.”


1) What’s in a Name?

Plenty! At first, I called my gatherings “Sniff Parties”. Later, when I teamed up with my downline, we called them “Meetings”. Then we began to feel that calling them Meetings made some people feel like they were sitting in on something that didn’t really involve them. At that time we had the idea to call them “Workshops”. Changing the name to Workshop was productive for three reasons. First, it forced us to refine our focus. Since a workshop is usually for the purpose of teaching something, we decided that our Workshops would teach people How to Use the Oils. Second, it gave shape to the gathering, making it interactive which is more conducive to learning and more fun. Finally, it felt like we were doing more than just selling something or giving information; we were having an Event.

2) Save a Million Dollars!

You don’t have to do expensive marketing studies yourself – just pay attention to the big companies who have done them. Watch TV commercials and read magazine ads. Study them. What are they selling and how are they packaging it? They do not talk about shampoo, but about an Aromatherapy experience in the shower; it’s not just a clean home they are selling, but a safe environment for your children. Be creative while maintaining integrity to use language that is attractive to your potential clientele.

3) When in Rome…

If you can tie in your offering to current events, do it. What’s going on in your community? What’s on the front page of the newspaper? What are people in your area interested in, concerned about? Focus on the things that are current and relevant. For instance, during cold and flu season, say things like; “Learn how to stay healthy during when everyone is coughing around you!” on your posters.


4) Make an Irresistible Invitation

Emphasize the Free-ness, or the low cost of the Workshop. If you decide to charge a fee, make sure you list exactly what participants will receive in exchange for the money, i.e. information, a relaxing experience of Aromatherapy, a personal diffuser [;-)]. On the invitation, put the date of at least two Upcoming Workshops, the time, your name and contact number. Don’t put the street address on your invitation; you want people to phone you to pre-register not just show up at your door. This is how you monitor and control the number of participants.

5) If you Build It… 

Schedule two or three Workshops each month. If not enough people pre-register for one, simply cancel it and work on the next one. Choose different days of the week. This gives people who may take a class on Tuesday an opportunity to come to a future Workshop held on a different day. Also, if you always have your Workshops, for instance, on the second and fourth Thursday of the month you won’t have the excuse to contact people to give them more dates.


6) Start Close to Home

Begin by inviting family members, friends and neighbors. Let them know what you’re doing and how excited you are to share the oils. Give each person three invitations – one for them and two for their friends. Drop invitations in mailboxes of the houses within a 2-5 block radius of your home.

7) Pound Pavement

It’s the old-fashioned way to build any business. Pounding the pavement gets you out into your community which makes good business sense! Visit banks, malls, grocery stores, drug stores, post offices, corner stores, video outlets and wherever else you can find a business, people, and a bulletin board.

8) Leave your Calling Card

Aromatherapy is better known today than it ever was before. The commercial soaps and air-freshening industry have done much to educate people about some of the feel-good benefits of Aromatherapy. Capitalize on this. Leave business cards around town that say you hold Workshops on how to use essential oils for Aromatherapy.

9) Get Free Press

Check your city/town’s website. Often there is a current events page where you can post your event for free. Newspapers, too, have columns where they publish upcoming events. Prepare a press release and get it out to the local media.

10) Call a Friend 

You may know someone who has her own, informal group that gathers regularly. The group may welcome the opportunity to attend an Aromatherapy Workshop.

11) Use your Contacts

Send your Invitation to your Email Contact List with the suggestion that they forward the Email to friends. In the Email include Tips and an essential oil profile with suggested uses so that even if they aren’t interested in coming to a Workshop right now, they will still be pleased to receive your Emails. Internet etiquette requires you to have instructions for “unsubscribing” at the end of each mass mailing. Including useful information may not only just keep them on your list but inspire them to forward your Email to interested people.

12) Team Up

Are there Naturopaths in your area? Homoeopathic doctors? People who do Acupuncture, Healing Touch, Reiki, Therapeutic Touch, Yoga, Massage? Invite them to come to your Workshop, or ask them to post your flyer. They may be looking for an additional focus for their practice and essential oils may be it!


When you look around the room at the participants of your well-attended Workshops, you’ll see that you have attracted people from each of the different ideas you employed to find them!

The Introductory Workshop is a powerful pre-step in a strong System. It supplies a fresh batch of highly qualified prospects for your “How to Use the Oils” Workshops. Learn where to offer Introductory Workshops in your community and pick up a presentation format in the next Article.

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