How to Sponsor Friends and Family Without Giving Your Oils Away

The way it was in the beginning

When I became an essential oil Independent Distributor in 1997 my mother and my two sisters purchased some oils right away. But other family members and friends held me at arms length. It wasn’t the oils they were backing slowly-but-surely away from, but me. I didn’t intend to pressure them, but my excitement about the oils, and my new-found conviction that everyone could benefit by using them, was making them feel pressured just the same.

Back then I had to accept it and move away from the familiar faces to find strangers to approach. Ah! If only we had Facebook in 1997!


It is never advisable to be in someone’s face, but it’s perfectly acceptable to be in their Facebook!

Think about it! Who are your “friends” on Facebook? When you write something on your Wall who reads it? Friends and family members. Chances are you have other Facebook friends as well – old classmates, distant relatives, co-workers, associates. You have a willing audience built right in; people with whom you already have credibility, willing to listen to what you have to say!

It’s important to remember when talking about essential oils on Facebook, that you can overdo it as much online as in person. Don’t abuse the privilege! Choose your words carefully, post significant information, do it sparingly and post about other things as well. And be careful not to just regularly post your company’s specials on your Wall or people may eventually “hide” your messages. You don’t want your personal Facebook page to become merely an advertisement for essential oils, but one that strikes a balance between essential oils and other things.

Have fun with it. You might mention that a certain essential oil helped to dissipate a headache you had all morning, talk about what oil you put in your bath, or give a usage tip now and then. In marketing, job one is to be of assistance; give. How can you be of service? Figuring that out is the fun part. And hopefully, just the beginning!

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