How to Use Essential Oils

Essential oils are beautiful and fragrant, but how do you use them? What do you actually do with them?

The best way to use essential oils is to inhale them. When you do, the aroma goes immediately to the brain and affects your emotions because aroma is processed in the limbic system of the brain, the seat of emotions. That’s why we feel so good when we inhale them. So inhale them we must.

But how? You’re not going to walk around holding an open bottle of essential oil beneath your nose all day! You could use a room diffuser if you’re going to be in that same room all day, but how often do you stay in one place in the run of a day?

Our solution is a diffuser that you wear. In fact, we believe in this solution so much, we’ve been making and marketing this type of diffuser since 2003! The best natural medium for diffusing essential oils is terra cotta clay. This is why we make Terra Cotta Pendants!

Why terra cotta clay? First, it’s completely natural. Second, when the clay is fired in a kiln, all that natural moisture that was trapped in the clay is baked out leaving tiny air pockets which now can hold the essential oil.

Many mistakenly believe you need heat to diffuse an essential oil but this isn’t so. Essential oils, by their very definition, are “volatile” which means; “easily evaporated at normal temperatures”. Normal. Which means essential oils don’t need heat to diffuse. It’s just what they do!

A Terra Cotta Pendant necklace diffuser makes sense!

  • It goes where you go
  • It diffuses right under your nose
  • It’s convenient and simple to use
  • It’s a daily reminder to use your essential oils
  • It’s safe – involves no skin contact
  • It’s inexpensive enough that you can own several

How do you use essential oils? Logically and practically and inexpensively! And all day long wherever you go!

Photo credit: Vince Alongi


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