Just Keep Going

Do friends and family tend to discourage rather than encourage you in your efforts to build your business? Does your slower-than-you-would-like progress make you wonder if they are right? Every Success Story stars someone who could have given up, thought about giving up and perhaps even wanted to give up, but didn’t. Our most discouraging days pale in comparison to Thomas Edison’s ten-thousand-plus unsuccessful attempts to invent the electric light bulb. I marvel that after so many failed efforts, he continued to try.

If you review the stories of most successful people, you will find as many failures hiding in their closets as trophies displayed on their mantles. Failure is such a common component in these stories I am beginning to suspect it is a pre-requisite to success! What makes a winner a winner, however, is the fact that no matter what happened, they just kept going.

You may find yourself wondering: will this business work for me? It turns out the only one who can answer that question for you IS you. It’s only when you make the decision that you will make it work that everything begins.

If you’ve been discouraged, if you’ve experienced things that didn’t “work” for you and you’re still here, congratulations! You’re well on your way to amazing success! Why? Because if you continue to think it through, make good efforts and refuse to quit, sooner or later you will find the way that will work for you. Just keep going.

How? That’s the subject of the next article.

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©2007 Terra Cotta Pendants About the author: Lori Gosselin has worked in network marketing since 1997. In 2003, this passion led to the creation of www.Terra-Cotta-Pendants.com This is the fourth in a series of twelve Articles which outline a simple way to market essential oils.

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