The Resurrection Cross!

A variation of the Blessed pendant, a design by Natasha in 2004, the Resurrection Cross is symbolic of the resurrection of Christ.

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We’re so excited to introduce our New Diffuser Wrap Bracelet!

See the front and back views here:

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See more info about them, photos and a video showing how to wear them here!

Introducing the 6th Totem design…

The Bee! The Bee is a symbol of abundance, love, community, teamwork, celebration, fertility and industriousness.
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Let it Snow!

Is it a whimsical snowflake (yes) or a snowy day (again, yes!)  It brings to mind the feeling of lying in the snow to make a snow angel and looking up into the sky to see huge snowflakes magically appearing and floating down! Go here to order it, or find it in the Symbols category!

 The Angel!

Natasha’s angel! This is her fourth design, after WWJD, Moon Goddess and Blessed. Order it on this page, or find it in the Symbols category!

Christmas Joy Car Diffuser – TCP  design #97!

Tie it to a present or hang it in your car to keep a little Christmas Joy in your heart all year long! Order it on this page, or find it in the Car Diffusers category!


The Owl!

The owl is a symbol of mystery, wisdom, intuition, change and intelligence.

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We’ve re-designed Fleurs-de-lis!

It used to be a round-pendant design but we thought it looked much better on the oval shape!

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Six new Car Diffusers! The Butterfly, Spirit of Music, Maple, Caring Hand, Lavender and Serendipity are also available as Car Diffusers! This means they have a shorter cord and a magnetic clasp so you can hang them in your car! See them in the Car Diffuser category!


The Basketball Pendant is back in stock – with a difference!

Basketball Club


The cord used to go through the top but now it goes through front-to-back. This takes less time to do which saves us time and we’re passing that savings on to you. The new Basketball Pendant is only 7.50 CAD Retail and 3.75 CAD Wholesale.

Use it as a fundraiser for your team! Give it to your BB coach as a thank you gift. See it in the Shopp here!

We are happy to introduce that the 80th Terra Cotta Pendant design, Sunshine, is now also available as a Car Diffuser!

Sunshine Pendant

Sunshine is a symbol of happiness, bright days and of summertime though the sun shines even in the dark of winter. Wear this to remind yourself that no matter what is happening in your life, the sun will come out again. Who is the Sunshine in your life?

See the Pendant here and the Car Diffuser here!




 Introducing a little more love at Terra Cotta Pendant – available in two styles!

The difference is the cord.

The Pendant has a long, adjustable (waxed cotton) cord that can we worn at different lengths around your neck: the Car Diffuser has a short (waxed cotton) cord with magnetic clasp which is hung in your car and easily removed to refresh with more essential oil.

Shop for the Pendant style in the Word category and the Car Diffuser style here.




Celebrate your love of essential oils wherever you go! The “I Love Oils” is available now as a Car Diffuser as well as a Pendant!

I Love Oils!

OILS-e1415027677890-225x300 copy

The magnetic clasp makes it easy to take down, refresh with more oil, and hang again.

See it in the Car Diffuser category and in the Symbols Category.

We are happy to introduce the Believe pendant!

Believe It is available as both a Pendant and a Car Diffuser!


We’ve made a little adjustment to the Car Diffusers!




Now they come with magnetic clasps which make it easier to remove from where you have placed them to add more essential oil!

See them in the Car Diffuser category here!

Note: these designs are available both as Car Diffuser and as Necklaces. (See them as Necklaces in the Word category.) The difference between them is that the Car Diffusers come with the short cords with magnetic clasps and the necklaces have long cords with adjustable sliding knots.

Introducing more of the newest Terra Cotta Pendant Designs!

The Eye of Horus is an ancient Egyptian symbol of protection, royal power and good health. Ancients believed wearing the Eye of Horus symbol ensured their safety and health and that it provided wisdom and prosperity.

See it in the Symbols category – here!





Sign from heaven? A serendipitous gift? What does a feather mean to you?

Order the Feather Pendant here!




infinity reduced


See it here and in the Symbols category





triquetra reduced

The Triquetra!

Also known as the Celtic symbol for the trinity, the Triquetra is rife with symbolism. Among the most popular meanings are mind, body and spirit; mother, father, child; the past, present, future; father son and holy spirit; and mother, maiden and crone.

The Triquetra is available here!




Eagle reduced

The Eagle!

The Eagle is a symbol of majesty, power, and freedom. A sacred spiritual messenger in the North American culture, it brings peace, fertility, strength and courage. The eagle represents spiritual protection, healing, and wisdom.

Eagles fly higher than other birds, giving them a perspective of the bigger picture that we often are lacking, connecting us with the divine and encouraging us to reach higher, dream bigger and to let those dreams take flight.

The Eagle is available here.



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