On our 15th Anniversary,

we introduced a whole new product:

Terra Cotta Jewelry Beads

Perfect for the DIYer who wants a professional piece

to complete a diffuser bracelet!

See details about the 13 new DIY Diffuser Bracelet beads here!

Terra Cotta Jewelry Beads

Back side of Terra Cotta Jewelry Bead











Loyalty Program








We also rolled out our new Loyalty Program!

Check it out!


Drum Roll Please…

Here is Terra Cotta Pendant design #90!

The Seahorse!

See its rich symbolism here! 


The 89th Terra Cotta Pendant design

and our 106th Terra Cotta Pendant offering!


Rick with symbolism (quick – go see this wonderful symbolism here!),

the Helm joins Anchor, Lighthouse and Summer Dreams

as the 4th nautical theme design.


Proudly introducing the popular Anchor Pendant!

(Our 3rd nautical design – see below!)

A beautiful symbol of stability, strength and security.

Click here to order it!


We all need this symbol in our lives:

The Lighthouse!

Click here to see its rich symbolism and to order!


This is a very special new design!

It is dedicated to Alex who loved to teach sailing and to race.

We lovingly name this Terra Cotta Pendant design…

Summer Dreams


The Resurrection Cross!

A variation of the Blessed pendant, a design by Natasha in 2004,

the Resurrection Cross is symbolic of the resurrection of Christ.

Click on the photo to find it in the Shop!


We’re so excited to introduce our New Diffuser Wrap Bracelet!

See the front and back views here:

Find them here!
See more info about them, photos and a video showing how to wear them here!


Introducing the 6th Totem design…

The Bee! The Bee is a symbol of abundance, love, community,

teamwork, celebration, fertility and industriousness.

Find it in the Totems category or just go here to order it!


Let it Snow!

Is it a whimsical snowflake (yes) or a snowy day (again, yes!)  

It brings to mind the feeling of lying in the snow to make a snow angel

and looking up into the sky to see huge snowflakes

magically appearing and floating down!

Go here to order it, or find it in the Symbols category!


The Angel!

Natasha’s angel! This is her fourth design,

after WWJD, Moon Goddess, and Blessed.

Order it on this page,

or find it in the Symbols category!


Joy Car Diffuser!

Tie it to a present or hang it in your car

to keep a little Christmas Joy in your heart all year long!

Order it on this page, or find it in the Car Diffusers category!

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