Show Your Shine!

Are you revving up your Shinerama campaign?

Contribute to your school’s campaign and spread awareness of the cause of Cystic Fibrosis research with the beautiful Shine On Pendant!

It’s a powerful fundraising tool! 

Sell Shine On Pendants to Shinerama committee members, at your summer events and on Shine Day. Purchase them for only $5.00 each and sell them for $10.00.

You pay no money upfront. We pay the tax and the shipping for you.

You receive 100 pendants and only pay for the ones you sell, returning the unsold ones after your campaign is over.

Imagine! If all 60 schools sold  just 100 pendants, together you would add $30,000.00 to the cause!

And there’s more!

If your team sells all 100 pendants, we will give you $50.00 towards a post-Shinerama party! Or you can add the $50.00 to your revenue.

How do you sell them?

>>> You can try to get frosh to pre-order them if you can get the orientation leader to include an add-on option and have Shinerama committee members volunteer to distribute frosh packs (the ones that were not pre-ordered) on move-in day.

>>> You can also have some Shine On Pendants on hand to sell on move-in day whether or not you get the add-on option. This would be an opportunity to recruit frosh for Shinerama.

>>> You could have them for sale at the entrance to the Shinerama breakfast for people who didn’t pre-order or buy one but have decided to participate in the day.

>>> You could have a stand set up at any pre-Shinerama summer events.

>>> You could have a stand set up at post-Shinerama events and have volunteers sell any that remain.



Pre-selling to incoming frosh has proven to be a smart idea because:

1) it secures the sale early in your campaign while it…

2) gives you a chance to educate incoming frosh about Shinerama and Cystic Fibrosis research and…

3) introduce the Shinerama committee members to incoming frosh, which…

4) will encourage their involvement in Shinerama and more student involvement means more fundraising power! 🙂


See why these Shiners love their Shine On Pendants!

How to get started:

Contact Lori here as soon as possible so we know you’re on board and can prepare your pendants. You do not pay anything until/unless you return any unsold pendants at the end of your campaign. At that time, simply return unsold pendants along with a check for those you do not return. 

Deadline for requesting the Shine On Pendants is July 10th.

Note: Shine On Pendants are available exclusively to Canadian schools that are participating in the Shinerama fundraising efforts.