Sponsoring Prospects and Selling Essential Oils – Made Easy!

If you’re in the business of marketing essential oils, you know it’s not a “Hi-my-name-is-Sue-and-I-sell-pure-essential-oils-and-let’s-sign-you-up” sort of process. It’s just as well because you want to do more than just close that first sale.

You want a customer for life! But how do achieve that?

  • First, there is education, which is the best and fairest way to sell anything.
  • Second, you need to help the prospect justify the decision to part with hard-earned cash.
  • Third, you want to institute in the prospect such an appreciation of the power of essential oils that he or she will order and use essential oils on a regular basis.

Fortunately, there is a three-step process to achieve all that. This process will allow the prospect to convince herself or himself of the power of your pure essential oils. You won’t do the convincing – the oils will. Your job is to provide the experience and education! Do you have a good appointment book/calendar? You need one because you’re about to get busy!

1)The Sniff Session

The Sniff Session is a consultation to see which oils would be beneficial for your prospect. You will need a Terra Cotta Pendant* (which you purchase at wholesale for half price when you order 20 pieces or more) and a small vial of essential oil. You can set a fee for the consultation to cover the oil, pendant and the hour you will spend with the person.

At the Sniff Session ask questions to gauge the person’s needs. Usually an open-ended question will get things started, but it’s a good idea to have a sheet of questions of your own, questions like “How do you sleep, how are your stress and anxiety levels, do you have aches and pains or any diagnosed conditions, do you have headaches, how are your hormones?.”

After going through the questions and noting the responses refer to your reference guide and write down the names of the essential oils that address each concern.

At this point, your prospect may be ready to order. If so get the person signed up on a monthly autoship program by explaining the benefits of the program, of budgeting essential oil money into smaller purchases, and of trying just a few oils at a time to gauge the response. This will encourage a habit of purchasing, and therefore using essential oils, on a regular basis.

Make a gift of the Terra Cotta Pendant so he or she is ready to begin diffusing as soon as the oils arrive. You may also give a few drops of an essential oil to go with the Terra Cotta Pendant. In this way, he or she will leave your Sniff Session already diffusing and enjoying the oils.

If the prospect is not ready to purchase, go to Step 2.

2)The Proof is in the Pudding

Select an essential oil that was identified as needed by the prospect and put a few drops in a vile. Then get the prospect to complete the top part of the Rating Form. Fold up the Rating Form and keep it. Put a drop of the oil on the Terra Cotta Pendant and make a gift of it and the vial of essential oil.

Schedule a follow-up meeting to occur within three days, during which time the prospect will be diffusing with the Terra Cotta Pendant.

3) The Follow-Up Meeting

Complete the bottom portion of the Rating Form with your prospect. Note the differences in the “before” and “after” numbers. This powerful selling technique completely reverses the risk involved in making a purchase because the prospect already knows he or she will benefit from using the oils.

Help the customer place the order and encourage the use of the monthly autoship program. Close the sale!

* Getting prospects and customers to use and diffuse essential oils inexpensively, safely and simply is why we created Terra Cotta Pendants. And we set the minimum for the wholesale price at only 20 pendants to make them affordable to essential oil independent distributors. Visit this page to see the Rating Form and How to use it. Then go shopping!

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