Terra Cotta Jewelry Beads – the Details

If you like to make your own diffuser jewelry

you’ve come to the right place!

On the 15th Anniversary month of Terra Cotta Pendants,

we are introducing a new line of Terra Cotta Jewelry Beads;

specially-crafted terracotta kiln-fired beads you can use to make your own diffuser jewelry!

You’re familiar with the professional quality of Terra Cotta Pendants!

That quality is infused in each and every Terra Cotta Jewelry Bead.

Check out 13 different beads, specially drilled with 1 mm holes. Note, you can fit a stiff 1 mm cord through, but elastic or wire cording may work better except for the case of the Arrow piece.

The Chinese character for Dream.

See the other side of the bead:













So you can see how the cord is threaded through the sides and the back of the bead.

Here is another one!


We’ve zoomed in a little closer

so you can see the holes for stringing.













Terra Cotta Jewelry Beads are $7 each and when you purchase 20 or more,

you get them for half price!

Just add the 20th bead to the Shopping Cart and the total will be reduced by 50%.


Another one:


Okay, let me show you one more!

This Arrow bead has holes that fit 1 mm ropes and cords.

Each bead comes in a 3 X 4 in (7.5 x 10.25 cm)  clear zip lock bag to fit your finished design, with a descriptive card, ready for gift-giving.

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