How Do People Feel About Terra Cotta Pendants?

Here’s the buzz:

  • “I love the pendants – they are both beautiful and so well made and beyond my expectations.” 
  • “It holds the scent for 2 – 3 days!”
  • “These are perfect to share with everyone as they are gender neutral.”
  • “It’s inexpensive so I can wear different ones with different oils for different moods!”
  • “I can choose how I want to feel by choosing the oil I like to keep close all day”
  • “It looks great with so many outfits!”
  • “Portable – easy to bring on a trip or with me during my day.”
  • “So simple and effective!”
  • “Durability as it is not glass contained or fragile.”
  • “No one else has anything like it.”
  • “Beautiful designs to choose from which allows personal expression!”
  • “Easy way to inhale the oils all day long.”
  • “It’s a way to diffuse and perfume oneself with essential oils safely.”
  • “It’s hand-made.”
  • “Convenience”
  • “It’s eco-friendly!”
  • “It lets you be a walking diffuser”
  • “The cord makes it easy to wear long or short.
  • “It’s elegant, and has an understated beauty that suits both men and women, formal and casual dress.”
  • “Terra Cotta Pendants look earthy and unique.”
  • “I can express myself with a favorite symbol that means something to me, without saying a word.”
  • “It helps me be healthier.”
  • “Uniqueness as it can be visible or concealed.”
  • “Great for all ages and many 4 legged friends.”
  • “Terra Cotta Pendants are so versatile – can be worn or hung.”
  • “Stylish.”
  • “Contains no metal so it doesn’t affect your energy flow.”
  • “It is functional”
  • “The length of time the scent lasts.”
  • “It’s decorative and a nice way to diffuse the scents.”
  • “Raw beauty.”
  • “Is an expression of my individuality.”
  • “It’s a great air freshener”
  • “A fun way to take aromatherapy with you…..love them love them love them”
  • “It works!”

 What are people saying about our product and service?


“Through my review work at Essential Oil Haven I come across many different products and companies selling in the essential oil space. I’ve had the pleasure to work with Lori at Terra Cotta Pendants and can honestly say their product and service is one of a kind! You can definitely tell the passion and fuel behind their operation. My pendants arrived neatly packaged and with that special feel of a family operated business. I love that! If you’re shopping for diffuser jewelry, please give Terra Cotta Pendants a try. The pendants are beautiful, fair value, and the shopping experience will make you smile from the inside out.”  

~ Emma Carter, Aromatherapist in Training & Blogger at https://www.essentialoilhaven.com/


Dear Lori,

I want to let you know that I have given these pendants to many people since I placed the one wholesale order, which I kept for personal use. There have been three very special experiences that have occurred.  Read more by clicking here!


Hi Lori,
Wanted to let you know I received the pendants. I love them :)).
I put a drop of lavender oil on one, put it on and went out for dinner with my husband. The waitress girl asked – wow what is that beautiful smell. I told her about it and she loved the idea.
Don’t be surprised if you get another order from Port Coquitlam.
Warm regards,


Thanks, Lori! It’s such a pleasure doing business with you. Your customer service and products are outstanding!
Gail    maninthemoonherbs.com


Hi Lori!
I want to let you know how pleased I am with your level of service.  I didn’t see a review section.  If there is a way to post my comments on your website, you have my permission to do so, including any necessary editing.  I hope you can put them somewhere so others can see how great your service is.
The pendants came so quickly.  I wasn’t expecting that coming from Canada.  I appreciated getting the email that my order had shipped.   I also appreciated the personal touches in the package, from the heart sticker to the chocolate and the welcome gift. I had a very stressful day.  Seeing my product sealed with the heart made me smile and it got even better opening up the paper.  I can’t wait to try them out and see how they diffuse the oils.  I’m expecting them to be wonderful!
Thank you so much for the extras you’ve incorporated into your packaging and shipping process.  I know that takes time but, to me, it was so worth it.  You made such a positive impact on someone who needed it.  Thank you very much for that!

Warm regards,

P.S. I visited Canada 5 times, 4 in the last 5 years, and I love your country.  The people I’ve met, I travel solo, have been the high point of every trip. Unfortunately,  I’m not making it up there this year but you’ve given me that Canadian experience I rave so much about.  I’m a great ambassador for Canada!


I just received my pendants today, I LOVE THEM! They are so great. My boyfriend and I shall send you pictures soon. Thank you again,
Kayla M. Flores


I highly recommend the pieces for both personal and business use – they are a must have! 
Gisela McKay,
Managing Director, pixcode Inc.


Hi Lori,
Just a quick note to tell you that I received my shipment of pendants. They are absolutely gorgeous, and I sense the care and attention that goes into each pendant. Congratulations on producing a beautiful, yet functional product that everyone can appreciate.
Diane McDermott


Hi, Lori,
Just a quick note to let you know I will be placing another wholesale order later this week! I found that the pendants are a hit with people who want to purchase something both unique and reasonably priced. Have sold a fair number of them in the past 2 months. Thank you for making them!
Kyra Thibodeau


Hi Lori,
I just wanted to drop you a note & tell you how much I love the pendants a friend gave me. I tutor a boy who has ADHD & is also at the high end of the Autism spectrum. When he gets frustrated, he has a meltdown. I have been putting a drop of Peace & Calming & RutaVaLa on each pendant. Ever since I started using the pendants during his tutoring sessions, he has not had a meltdown. I have been leaving 1 pendant at his house for him to wear during the week. His mom says that he’s calmer during the week now too. Once he has become used to wearing the pendant around the house, I’m going to start having him wear it to school on test days because he tends to stress out over tests.
Thank you for making such a wonderful device for diffusing the oils.
Kim Jarvis kimjarvis.younglivingworld.com


I started using and selling Terra Cotta Pendants a few weeks ago. I am a certified reflexologist, and so I wear the Footprints which represents me well. I love my pendant and wear it faithfully every day, and when I need an extra boost, I turn it over and take a deep breath. Clients have given me feedback on how they love theirs as well and want to purchase another to go with their oils. Terra Cotta Pendants are fun easy and a very affordable way to benefit immensely from the oils. Many long happy hours of natural diffusing.


Hi Lori,
Just thought I would update you on how the Pendants are going. The workshop/fundraiser on Saturday was a big success. I attracted a few new customers and a couple of new distributors. I sold two of the pendants to my sponsor. I have also sold one to a lady from work and have hold on about five. One I believe will be sold on Friday and two maybe tomorrow (Wednesday) Love and Light
John Ledgar


I absolutely LOVE the Terra Cotta Pendant diffusers. They are always such a great Hit at my Nature’s Sunshine Homespa Parties. I always give away a pendant to anyone who buys one of our Essential Oil kits. My customers love them! Thanks for having the affiliate program so I can share them as well on my site.
I always enjoy your weekly emails too. It is always like getting an email from an old friend. I really love the family homestyle site and the personal touch you and your family give Terra Cotta Pendants. It is a refreshing change from all the commercialism out there. Thanks for all the personal attention!
Karen Herrmann-Doolan, Natural Health Educator


I just received a couple pendants from you and already my customers are wanting more and more of them! Its truly amazing! I sell them to wear on pet’s collars,which works great for things like a natural flea collar, repelling ticks and mosquitoes, for fears/anxiety, behavioral issues, calming, focus/clarity, their health/immunity, temperament, etc, etc. Both the pets and their humans absolutely love them! And the paw prints are so cute-I get a lot of compliments on those. It really appeals to them. Also, many who are new to using the essential oils feel much more safe using the pendants instead of putting the oils directly on their pet’s bodies. Thank you for helping me with my business!!
Heather Joy


I am really excited about the diffusers. I have emailed several people on line and everyone has told me how great they are. The price is so reasonable too. I have been using essential oils since May, so I think this is a great way to help my business with selling essential oils.
Kim Scott


Hi Lori,
The Pendants were a huge smash at my show and classes. I love them!!!
Debbie Hurley


A new oily friend, Kate, works in, what sounds like, a toxic building and in particular the room where Yoga is offered. Everytime she went into the Yoga room she felt she was disrupting the entire class with her sneezing fits. A short while after exiting the room the sneezing would stop. She was in a dilemma in knowing that room was making her sick and not wanting to give up the sense of peace she received from taking Yoga. She bought a Terra Cotta pendant from my supply and has been putting the Young Living R.C. blend on it before entering the yoga room and she has not had any negative reactions (sneezing) since! In fact, she told me that during some of the Yoga positions she is able to put the R.C. “loaded” pendant right on her nose and just inhales and enjoys! I think your pendants are lifesavers, beautiful and functional!
Thanks, Lori!
Marie Hartman, OREGON