The Gourmet Cake Factor

In network marketing, as in anything we do, it’s important to keep the goal in mind. This may sound obvious, but all too often, we find ourselves far down a road which will not take us where we want to go.

I learned this lesson when I phoned my Upline/ Mentor one day to tell him I was thinking about joining a public speaking group. He listened while I explained my reasons. Then he told me something that caused me to change my mind completely.

He knew a man, a down-to-earth fellow, who announced he had recently joined a public speaking group. Months later when he spoke with him, he noticed that although his ability to communicate had improved, he was not so down-to-earth anymore. In his desire to improve his presentation, he had forgotten that perfection is not the goal in network marketing! Duplication is.

If your presentation is too professional your prospects will be thinking “I could never do this business!”That’s not what you want! The only thing you want a prospect to be thinking besides “These oils are amazing!” is “I could do this too!

Take cake, for instance. It is easy to create the cake pictured on the box of cake mix. You take a bowl; add oil, egg and water to the powder from the box, stir, pan, bake and frost. It is not as easy to create the Gourmet Cake that sits in a Bakery window and shines from the covers of Food Magazines. Those cakes are beautiful! How many people believe they can actually make one?

If you want to sponsor Business Builders you’ve got to make it look fun and easy because it is, or you wouldn’t be doing it! Take some pressure off yourself and enjoy the process of learning how to build your business. The best way to do that is to follow the age-old advice that is right up there with “Honesty is the best policy”; be yourself!

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