The Wellness Consultation

The Misconception

There’s a misleading yet comfortable idea in network marketing of essential oils that once someone purchases that first bottle of essential oil your work is done. It isn’t true. It is not the bottle of essential oil which creates a customer-for-life. It’s you. Your work doesn’t end with the first sale. You need to ensure the customer continues moving along this healthy path. The Wellness Consultation Process can help you to do that.

The Preparation

Get together with others in your company to create a Wellness Questionnaire. Think of all the ways essential oils have helped you and others and put them, in the form of questions, on your Questionnaire. For instance, do essential oils help you to stay focused? Yes? Then ask about mental clarity. Do they help you to have a good night sleep? Ask about sleeping habits. Use your essential oils reference guide and draw upon your own experience to create this valuable tool.

The Meeting

Schedule a time to get together with your new customer. Ask open-ended questions to see how she is doing with the oils already purchased. Then go through the questions on the Wellness Questionnaire, clarifying all answers and writing them down on the form. The more you encourage the customer to talk, the more information she will reveal about her health concerns and the more you will be able to help.

The Plan

Look up each issue in your reference guide and write down which oils are mentioned. When you have a list of oils for each issue, cross off any oils that appear twice. Ask the customer which issue she would like to address first and put the oils that apply to it on a new sheet, under the heading Month #1. You can continue in this way, dividing the essential oils into separate orders for the next few months. If your company has an autoship program, encourage the customer to use it.

The Follow-Up

Phone the Customer once each month that she is on the plan. Answer any questions she may have and see how she is doing.

You’ll establish even more rapport with your customer through regular contact over the coming months. Invite the customer to be on your Contact List and treat that list with the utmost respect. More on this in the next Article!

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