What is the Perfect Aromatherapy Gift?

The perfect aromatherapy gift is a perfect aromatherapy diffuser. What makes an aromatherapy diffuser perfect? Here are 8 things to look for:

1) It should diffuse essential oils effectively. You shouldn’t have to take it out of your pocket, lift it to your nose, open a panel to access it, apply heat to it or sit in front of it. The perfect aromatherapy diffuser should do all the work automatically, wherever you go.

2) It should not require a lot of essential oil. You shouldn’t have to turn your bottle upside down on it or refresh it hourly. It should diffuse all day with a single drop.

3) It should be all natural, just as essential oils are natural. There should be no metal, no animal by-products and no glaze. It should have a large surface area from which to diffuse the oils. It should be made of terra cotta, the best natural diffusing agent.

4) It should be safe and durable so children can use it. There should be no glass, which is fragile, or metal which is heavy. It should be light-weight and tuck-in-able. It should be sturdy and largely unbreakable.

5) It should be unique and beautiful! Perhaps there could be 85 or more designs? Perhaps they could come in four different shapes, eight different design categories with symbols you can relate to and sixteen car diffuser designs. They should say something about who you are with interesting symbols that mean something to you!

6) It should be affordable – $8.00 – $11.00 Canadian so you can wear a different one every day of the week. There should be a price break that enables you to buy in bulk [half price when you buy 30, for instance] so you can give them to all your friends, family and hostesses.

7) They should help you sell your essential oils with info and articles and bulk rates for a small minimum number!

8) There should be friendly service, check this out with our customers!

The perfect aromatherapy gift is available here!

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