What’s the Bottom Line in Staying Healthy?

Is it nutrition, exercise, the sunshine, proper amounts of sleep? Maybe it’s meditation, taking care of you, belonging to a supportive community, play. These conditions are all important and do contribute to the bottom line in health but they themselves are not it.

The bottom line is feeling good and maintaining a balanced state of mind.

When we have a balanced state of mind we are more equipped to deal effectively with the stress that comes with life’s challenges. The challenges don’t go away. They simply morph into other challenges. But we’re up to dealing with them calmly when we’ve mastered the habit of feeling good and staying balanced.

Feeling good is so important that we should avail ourselves of as many of the good living habits mentioned above as we can. Today we are offered assistance by way of a plethora of natural proactive tools from the world of holistic health.

Aromatherapy is one such tool that brings balance, calm, focus and much more. One of the simplest things we can do to contribute to and support a balanced and happy state of mind is to diffuse essential oils into our personal breathing space every day.

Conduct a simple experiment to test this for yourself. All you need is one drop of a high-quality essential oil, a Terra Cotta Pendant wearable diffuser and these three simple steps:

1) Rate, on a scale of one to ten, ten being the best and zero being the worst, these conditions: how happy you feel, how calm you feel, how optimistic you feel, how grounded you feel, how balanced you feel and how clear you feel. (Use this Rating Form.)

2) Choose an essential oil you like and place a drop on the Terra Cotta Pendant and wear it for twenty-four hours, letting it rest on a nightstand or hang from a bedpost overnight.

3) Rate those conditions again the next day, without looking at your previous numbers, giving a number to how happy, calm, optimistic, grounded, balanced and clear you feel.

How about some science to validate your findings? Check out the published medical journal studies on essential oils effect on stress.

Although many habits contribute to a healthy mind and body, and a balanced lifestyle incorporates many of them, a simple, inexpensive way to begin is to diffuse your favourite essential oil with a Terra Cotta Pendant and thus achieve a balanced and happy state of mind throughout the day.

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