Why Do Terra Cotta Pendants Come in so Many Different Designs?

We make Terra Cotta Pendants in nearly 100 different designs to give you many options.

In the beginning, back in 2003, there were only the Runes. Gradually, we added the Flowers and Leaves and over time, we included trends we saw emerging such as the Totem designs. And the Hearts acquired puppy and kitty prints for those of us who love our pets. (By the way, visit a secret link to see a perfect gift for someone who has lost a cat or a dog.)

We love symbolism, don’t you? The Runes, the alphabet which was common before the Roman alphabet replaced it, are rich with meaning. Just a few simple strokes have such a wealth of meaning. When you wear the symbols, you are vibrating the meaning and your intention as well. I like to set an Intention before wearing a new design and christening it with its first oil. The combination of intention, symbol and aroma is a powerful one!

The other cool thing about the symbols, such as the Chinese Word symbols, is that no one needs to know that you are wearing “Luck” or “Journey” – they are private and personal for only you to share. Besides, you can tuck the pendant in if you want.

We make many different designs because we want you to have a lot of choices! We accept design suggestions to be put into our Idea Box. We usually introduce one or two new designs per year. Let us know what you’re thinking about! We’d love to hear from you!


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