Why We Buy What We Buy

Does a person buy a 1/2 inch drill bit because he wants a 1/2 inch drill bit?

No! A person buys a 1/2 drill bit because he wants a 1/2 inch hole!

It’s the same thing with essential oils.

We don’t buy Peppermint oil just because it smells nice – we buy it because it gives us mental focus and clarity, because it keeps our sinuses clear, and because it soothes digestion! We buy Lavender because it calms us on those frazzled days and because it helps us to have a good nights sleep. In other words – we don’t buy things – we buy the benefits the things give us!

We’re really in the market for solutions.

When we sell essential oils, we need to share their simple, natural and feel-good solutions to life’s everyday problems.

Essential oils are still relatively new in today’s market.

Many people believe essential oils for Aromatherapy are nothing more than pretty smelling perfumes. Education is required. If you are a Marketer of essential oils, the educating is up to you. It doesn’t have to, and shouldn’t be, complicated. Here is one idea.

Wherever you are selling essential oils, Health Shows, Workshops, Boutiques, Spas, have a little tent card standing in front of the oils you display which briefly summarizes the benefits a person may experience when using this oil. Make a stack of these tent cards for each essential oil you offer – make them up with a Word document and print them with your computer’s printer – and include one with each essential oil purchase so the customer will remember exactly why they bought that oil.

This can be especially useful if the customer is purchasing several oils at once. Remembering the reason for the choice of each essential oil will encourage consistent use of the oil and awareness of the benefits as they are derived. The tent card can easily stand on a nightstand or shelf by the oil once it is brought home, so be creative! And be sure to put your contact info on the reverse side of the tent card so you can be easily reached!

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